mit Uta Eismann

Dieser Yoga-Workshop wird eine gute Mischung aus anspruchsvollen Asanas im ersten Teil und entspannten im zweiten Teil sein. Außerdem nehmen wir uns die Zeit, Fragen zu unbekannten Übungen zu stellen und Unklarheiten zu klären.
Es erwartet dich also ein erfrischender und beruhigender Yoga Flow in der hektischen Vorweihnachtszeit.
Yogamatte gerne mitbringen, einige sind vorhanden. Also wer zuerst kommt...

Level: offen für alle

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017, 11 — 12.45 Uhr
Kosten: 12,00 € (Frühbucherrabatt bis 31.12.) / 15,00 € (ab 31.12.)
zusammen mit dem Zeitgenössisch-Workshop danach: 20,00 € (Frühbucherrabatt bis 31.12.) / 25,00 € (ab 31.12.)
Infos und Anmeldung:

Yoga through the seasons

with Maria Sanchez

Winter is here. Cold, ice, rain, snow, howling wind, silence, darkness. In nature, winter is a time for regeneration and deepening the roots. In the outside visible world life seems to have disappeared, but inwards, under the earth, heat is being generated, roots are getting stronger and seeds are being nourished preparing next Spring´s burst. Winter is the end that gives birth to a new beginning.

We as children of nature also belong to these cycles even if nowadays city life makes it harder sometimes to feel them. In this class we will embrace a practice that tunes in with the natural cycle, embracing the WINTER and all that it has to teach us.

Winter is archetypically characterized by a predominant YIN energy. YIN represents OPENNESS, it´s receptive and soft because it opens up to let in whatever comes and can teach us about the power of the unseen and what lies underneath the surface. YIN is the dark and weak part, and only once you entered that reign, you can meet real power. The only way to understand your weakness is by entering it. The direction is easy, Inwards and downwards, like Winter ´s essential movement.

We will work on letting go, opening, softening the body to be able to enter deep inwards/within experiencing change with a no resistance attitude. A very YIN practice that will also contain soft YANG dynamic sequences (Vinyasa). A Balsam for the muscles and the spirit.

You will be guided through sequences that will work on opening the joints, softly stretching the muscles and letting them go in order to access and work on the connective tissue, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. Asanas that benefit the Qi (essential energy) circulation on Kidney and Bladder meridians (associated with the Winter season) will be practiced letting them act their transformative power facilitating an accessible path inwards.

We will challenge ourselves more in Vulnerability than in Strength, expanding and opening, uncovering and softening the body in order to meet freedom, flow, transformation, emancipation and inner liberation. Honoring our Path. Savasana with singing bowls and an ending meditation will close your practice.

Wednesdays from 11:00-12:30 - Thursdays from 8:00-9:30

Try–out : 10 / Drop–in: 14 / 5 Class Card: 60 /10 Class Card: 110 €
Winter period pass 130 €. Valid for all sessions for winter period (6 Feb. - 21 Mar.)

María Sánchez
From the Spring Equinox (21 March) on, classes will continue but the practice will change into “Spring Period” as we embrace the new season and it´s energy.