Open Movement and Dance Training

by Roberta Ricci

In this training we will reconnect to ourselves, stimulate the source of our energy and play with natural principles in our body and in space (such as gravitation, relaxation of muscles and energy flow), improving corporal and spiritual flexibility, coordination and awareness. Constant listening to our physical sensations will lead us to consequence, substantially and new place in movement, in personal presence and individual expressiveness.
From a work of consciousness and listening based on floor work and release technique, you will pass “to work your body” with respect to its weight, gravity and space, through short sequences and improvisations . The technical aspect will be done slightly and with musicality, researching its functionality in a dynamic and fluid dance , not stiffened by any external research.
It is open for everybody! Is not required a technique , just to be open to listening and resource.  
Good for dancers and actors to discover new possibility of movement and go deep in our creative and emotional language, and all the others will have the possibility to engage themselves and their body having fun.
Every Saturday 14,30 - 16,30

Roberta Ricci is a freelance dancer and teacher living and working in Berlin.
Tel. 0159 03168894