Stop 'n Roll – Movement Training

mit Bärbel Singer

A way to break free – Embodied Energy, Intensity and Fun

The training is based on moving with music. By stopping movements within specific limitations and constantly breaking our own routines, the experience of free and unrestricted movement naturally starts to
emerge, which is both light and full of power.
Controlling our movement through body attention rather than through our minds may look from the outside as if we only stop the physical movement, but through this form of training we are actually stopping our never-ending internal dialog, becoming more quiet, focused and directly engaging with our surroundings. We are releasing our individual adhered potential on all levels.

Bärbel Singer is a qualified practitioner and trainer of the Grinberg Method.

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mit Nadja Jungmann

Donnerstags 10.30 -12.00 h ab März